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Me and My Munchkin

Me and My Munchkin: June 2012

Friday, 29 June 2012

3 Week Challenge Results

Three weeks ago I set out on a challenge. A 3 week challenge (obviously). All of the details can be found here. I was rather nervous about embarking on the challenge, as I decided to give up iced coffee. See, I am an iced coffee addict. To the point that it wasn't uncommon for me to have a 600ml carton daily, if not every 2 days.

{image source}
So giving it up for 3 weeks was a big deal for me... but I did it! It has officially been 3 weeks since I last had iced coffee! I have had 1 or 2 chocolate milks in that that time, however that does not have the same addicting affect over me as iced coffee, so I was able to stop there and not crave it the next day. So on the whole, I would say that part of the challenge was a success.

The second part of the challenge was only having take away once a week. Unfortunately I did cheat a little on this part. But only a little, I swear! There was one week, where I was running late, and stopped and got an extra take away meal. 

{image source}

You have no idea how much money I have saved over the last 3 weeks!

The 3rd and final part of the challenge was starting to incorporate running into my daily walks. This part was not possible at all. 4 days into the challenge I got sick with a cold, which in turn triggered my asthma. From there my health spiraled for a couple of weeks, and just as I started to feel well enough to even tackle my daily walks again, the weather turned horrible, meaning I couldn't walk outside.

{image source}
I will be starting a new challenge in a few weeks time, and will be adding the daily walks and incorporating the running into the challenge. 

I also lost about 2 and a half kilos in the 3 weeks that I took part in the challenge. Even though I wasn't actually aiming to lose weight, it certainly was nice to get a little further down to my ideal weight. So on the whole, I would say that the challenge was a success, even with my little "failures". I managed to kick a bad and addictive habit (the iced coffee), and I'm on the way to reducing the amount of take out in my life. The walks will come in time. 

Have you successfully given something up in your life?
How do you reward yourself when you achieve something?

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Thursday, 28 June 2012

No Excuses!

{image source}
Hands up who has hobbies and interests? Ok, keep your hand up if you actually take the time to do your hobbies and interests? Before I became a single mum, I had a few interests such as scrap booking, reading and writing. Since becoming a single mum, I have let most of my interests slide. I have picked up a couple of new ones though, like blogging and walking.

So I guess what I am really getting at, is how much time do we give ourselves, whilst we are parents? Hobbies are a great way to unwind, relax, get enjoyment and just generally be happy. Take exercising for example: it is always said that exercise is great for your mental health, as it triggers the production of endorphins. Exercise is great for us, yet we rarely find the time to do it between the school drop offs and extra-curricular activities.

{image source}
The same goes for any other hobbies or interests. Baking, scrap booking, photography, dancing, spending time with friends. All of these are legitimate interests that make people happy, so why aren't we making the time to fit some of it in?

I am the first to admit that I'm a culprit of this. Aside from blogging and a bit of reading, I no longer pursue my interests. I am usually too exhausted by the end of the day to even contemplate sitting at my desk and scrap booking. I would love to get back into writing again, however find that I don't even have ideas, as my brain is too filled up with play dates and appointments.

I talked about my ideal life in my last post and talked about the concept of de-cluttering to have the time and space to pursue some of my hobbies again. This is a work in progress, and I am hoping that with the time I am saving that I used to spend searching for things that I have lost, I can use this for a little bit of me time.

{image source}
In saying that, now I actually have to put it into action! No more putting it off, no more excuses, no more distractions, I just need to bite the bullet and start spending time doing the things that I loved. Maybe I no longer like them anymore? I will never know until I take the time to find out.

Do you spend time pursuing your hobbies and interests?
What can you do to create more me time?


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Ideal Life

I have started on my "big clean out", and while wading through many water damaged boxes in my parents garage, I came across one of my favorite organising books: It's all too much by Peter Walsh.

{image source}
It's all too much is a brilliant book about de-cluttering your home and life. Of course, once I found it, I had to start reading it again. Peter Walsh is an organisation expert, and when he is with clients he starts off their journey by asking them what their ideal life is, in every aspect. Their home, health, relationships, experiences, activities and career. I started to think about my ideal life, and what I want from it.

My living situation is a lot more permanent than I had planned when I moved back home with my parents 8 months ago. In my ideal life Master A and I are living in our own place. A unit with a little back yard would be perfect. My friends are extremely important to me so I would love to focus on my friendships. Spending time with them and entertaining at home, being that having a small child means I can't always go out.

I want to have the time to do something for me; yoga, scrap booking and exercise are all things that I would love to make the time to do. Having an organised and clutter-free house would give me the space and time to do so. I would be working part time in a job that I enjoyed and studying.

I know that it seems I am trying to have it all, but this is my ideal life!

So now that I have my ideal life in mind (it is a little more complex in my head, I just skimmed over it for you) I am getting set on clearing out the junk. Anything that doesn't fit in with my "ideal life" doesn't stay.

It has given me the chance to sit and really think about what it is that I actually want in my life. Even the simple things like hobbies and interests. Not only in terms of big goals.

Have you ever thought about your ideal life?
What kinds of hobbies/interests would you love to make time to do?

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Help! My Child's Beating Me Up!

Master A is coming to that time in his life where he is experimenting with his communication. I say "experimenting" in the nicest possible way, as my little scientist has begun to hit when he doesn't get his way. At almost 21 months old I thought that I had at least another 3 to 6 months before I had to worry about the terrible twos.

Boy was I wrong!

My Munchkin is generally pretty well behaved. He knows how to listen, and quite often will. However when that pair of scissors that he has moved the kitchen bin over to the counter to climb on just to reach, are taken out of his hands, watch out for that slap, because it is lethal!

{image source}
Going out the front door is another trigger. Mr Independent loves to race outside as fast as he can. Me? Not so keen on running after him, carrying Thomas the Tank Engine back packs, rain coats, car keys, and sometimes a lunch bag. So, like any other horrible mother would do, I insist on picking him up and carrying him to the car, you know, just so he doesn't run out on the road or anything. This usually results in a slap to the face.

{image source}
When it happens in public? So embarrassing. I copped a whopper in the mouth yesterday simply for taking him off the playground to eat his lunch. I saw a pair of rolled eyes and a raised eyebrow or 2 when I told him off for hitting Mummy.

So this poses my question, what is a mum to do when she is being beaten up by her own child?

I have tried every trick in the book when it comes to disciplining this painful new expression of Master A's dislike, and so far can not find anything that stops it! So I guess that I just keep trying and hope like hell that this is the worst he will get. Ha ha What do you think my chances are of that?

Did your child go through the "terrible twos"?
What did you do to keep your sanity?

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Friday, 22 June 2012

The To-Do List

{image source}
I always keep a to-do list in my diary with just 3-4 things on it for the week. However after being sick for over 2 weeks, taking on "the big clean out" and just letting things get away from me, I have come up with a rather large master to do list.

I'm usually one to hide it, for embarrassment of people seeing how much I'm actually supposed to be doing! But today I have decided to share it, in hopes that maybe by showing the world then just maybe I'll feel like I actually should do some of it.

So here goes!
  • Bring bookcase in from the garage to the hallway
  • Purchase some plastic tubs to store "garage sale" items
  • Find all of my boxes in the garage and sort through them, pulling out any items to sell or get rid of
  • Finish off my short course ready to start Tafe in a few weeks
  • Vacuum and wash my car
  • Clean out Master A's toys
  • Clean out my DVDs
  • Clean out my books
  • Clean out my clothes and shoes
  • Start to sort through boxes at my storage unit
  • Sort through my scrapbooking stuff and downsize (sob!)
  • Apply to uni for next year
  • Get my clutch replaced on my car
  • Get the boot fixed on my car
  • Get caught up on Offspring so that I can continue on the TV (top priority!)
  • Lay-by for Master A's birthday and christmas presents while the toy sales are on
  • Plan an awesome night out for my best friends birthday next month
  • Look into yoga as a means of relaxation
  • Start menu planning again
OK, so there's my list, in no particular order (actually in a rather strange order). So now that it's out there, I have to get started, right?

Do you use to-do lists?
How many do you usually have on the go at once?


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

One Peaceful Hour

I am one of those lucky mums out there whose toddler still takes an afternoon nap. Yes, I know, but don't hate me just cause you ain't me!

Nap time really is precious to me, and when I think that there is a chance that Master A may not take a nap for whatever reason, the tears well in my eyes and everything becomes blurry.

You see, I use that precious hour to do any variation of things, depending on my mood or to-do list that day. I may do some housework, write a blog post, catch up on some reading, have a nap, take a walk (if my dad is home to watch him), basically nap time is a little time for me to do something I want to do.

It can take me anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to get Munchkin to sleep. Night time is great, I throw him in bed (not literally) and shut the door as fast as I can. During the day however, there are far too many distractions for this curious toddler so I park my butt on an ottoman next to his bed with a good book and ignore every attempt to get my attention.

This is not always easy. He can be very cute at times.

But usually after about 5 or so minutes he gives up and simply lays down until he falls asleep. Yes, I have trained him well.

After sneaking out of the bedroom and shutting the door, I do my happy dance and run through my list in my head, arguing with myself that the dishes should really be done, but I know I saw a new post by Sonia over at Life, Love and Hiccups when I scrolled through Facebook this morning and I really should read that too.

Somehow though, the hour seems over all too quickly, and it's back to Mummy time, which is of course, the best. But oh how I do love that hour nap time!

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Clean Out

{image source}
Clutter is such an ugly word. Being such an organise-freak like I am, the word 'clutter' makes me cringe. Unfortunately, it is not something that I can avoid. I am staying with my parents, and my dad is somewhat of a hoarder. It is challenging to live with, and probably the reason why I am as 'anal' as I am.

De-cluttering, sorting and purging has always been a way for me to relax. If I was stressed, upset, or just feeling plain out of control, I would pick a room and go for it. Being that the majority of of my belongings are now either in storage in my parents garage (amongst my dad's recent purchases) or packed into my storage unit, de-cluttering is not as simple of a task as it used to be.

But, as they say, I must soldier on.

I will clear out the remaining junk that I still own, and no longer need, starting with a box at a time. I figured I would start with the garage. I know there is so much out there, just have no idea what it is.

I have read so many books out there about cleaning out, de-cluttering, living a life with less stuff, and have picked up 2 main points from all of these books:

  1. You can only keep as much stuff as you have the room for. If you only have room for 2 magazine holders on your bookshelf, and those holders are full, you need to get rid of some magazines, rather than buy more magazine holders.
  2. When starting a purge, have a sale box, a borrowed items box, and a garbage bag. I also keep a bag for giveaway items, to go to good will. 
I keep items to sell in plastic tubs. This way they are contained, and I still know where to find things when they sell. One problem that I run into, and I know that others do too, is knowing when something is worth keeping in your house, taking up space, and the time to list it for sale on eBay or Gumtree, only to make a small amount of money on it. 

I have decided that after this big clean out, a garage sale is more appropriate. I can put everything out, whatever doesn't sell will either go to good-will, or if I think that I could sell it for more than $5 online, then I will do so and put the money onto debts. 
I would love a little inspiration. It has been quite awhile since I have been able to do a clean out, and would love to see any photos, blog posts, experiences, anything that will give me and everyone else a little inspiration to get out and do this. Please upload any photos to the Facebook page, or comment with any stories and leave a link to any blog posts.

Do you need to do a clean out at your house?
What is your best tip when doing a clean out or purge?

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Night time routines can make all the difference in a child's sleep habits. Master A's sleep habits have been up and down since we moved in with my parents.

From the age of 4 months until 12 months when we moved, Master A slept through the night. I had a bed time routine for him virtually since the day we brought him home from hospital. I had routines for everything. I tried to continue them as we moved, but we had a few issues.

In March, when he was 17 months old, I transitioned him from the cot to a single bed. He loved it and for the next week he slept right through, until he got sick and went into hospital. From then on we had problems. He would drink 2-3 bottles of milk a night and because I was exhausted, I just did it. I didn't know what else to do. Nothing about his bed time routine had changed. It was all still exactly the same.

When he was 19 months old we went cold turkey on the bottle. We've had our ups and downs, a few nights of sitting up by his bed for the entire night, I even hopped into bed with him one night because I was just too tired.

We have finally hit the jackpot though, and he is sleeping through the night again, even whilst he has been sick! So I thought I would share with you exactly what it is we do.

Dinner time in our house is at about 6pm. Bed time is at 7.00. Therefore, between 6 and 7 Master A eats dinner, has a shower, has a bit of play time and goes to bed. I try to keep this as strict as possible, so that he has the same routine every night. It isn't always possible though. Some nights dinner may take longer to prepare than others, or Master A may be eating slower than usual, meaning that there isn't really much time for play. I try to aim for at least 15 minutes of play time before bed.

At 7.00 I give Munchkin any medication he may need, such as his puffers, Panadol or teething gel if he's teething. We then say good night to Gran and Grandad and off we go to bed.

This routine has worked a treat, and I think that keeping up with it, even when we were having so many problems has been the right thing to do. The only difference was that he used to be put to bed with a bottle of milk.

I hope that those without a bed time routine (and I know there are so many out there, struggling to get their little ones into bed before 11) can see that it really doesn't need to be hard, or complicated. If your child isn't used to a routine, persistence is the key. Just keep going with it, and they will eventually learn that you are in charge, and this is what is happening next. Don't give up!

Do you have a bedtime routine for your Munchkins?
What time do you put your kiddies to bed?

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

It's All About the Balance

{image source}
I mentioned in one of my recent posts that I was struggling with balance in my day to day life. Spending time with Master A, studying, housework, blogging, seeing friends, and doing everything else that needs to be done, or I want to do.

So I have spend the last couple of weeks coming up with a bit more of a schedule for our days. It is very flexible, because as we all know, things don't always go to plan when there are kids involved.

I started by making a list of all the things that I want to do in my day to day life.

  • Playing with my Munchkin
  • Scrapbooking
  • Blogging
  • Cooking
  • Exercising
  • Cuddling with my Munchkin
  • Reading
  • Seeing friends

And then a list of the things that need to be done such as:
  • Housework
  • Nap time
  • Meals
  • Studying

I then put them into a morning and afternoon category. It's really pretty simple. In the mornings Master A is happier left to his own devices to play. I am able to get some blogging done, a bit of housework, a load of washing goes on first thing in the morning so this is the time to get things done that need to be, or a little bit of my time.

Master A goes down for a nap straight after lunch, which is at about 12-12.30. He will sleep anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. This is time for me to get things done that I can't do while he's around. Sometimes I will take a short walk, if my dad is home to watch Master A, or I will catch up on a bit of rest or blog reading.

In the afternoon Master A can be a lot grumpier, and more demanding on my time. So this is Mummy-Munchkin time. We will do things such as playing at home together, going out to the park, or even watch a movie together. The point is, the computer is switched off, my phone is not in my hand and I am focused on my boy, should he want to play.

Once the Munchkin is in bed (you can read about our night time routine in my next post), that is completely me-time. I finish up any cleaning or tidying that needs to be done, have a hot shower and then either do some more blogging, scrapbooking, a bit of studying or hop into bed with the electric blanket on and a good movie. Once I finish my online courses and start Tafe, study will need to be much more of a priority in my life, and I will look at fitting that into my routine once I know the level of commitment it will require of me.

So this is something that I am trialing, and I will certainly update you on my progress over the next couple of weeks. I have a feeling that things may need tweaking, and I may need to give up some of my morning time. But, like I said this is flexible to allow for those things.

We like to spend time with friends, catching up for play dates. These will slot into our days quite nicely, and it means that some things will just not get done on certain days, and that's OK too.

{image source}
Do you have a structure to your days?
What do you think you need to do to create more balance in your life?


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Good things come to those who wait?

This year has been a turning point for me. I have achieved so much already, emotionally and physically. One thing that I am particularly proud of is adapting my personality from the belief of waiting for things to happen to me, as opposed to making things happen for me. I used to be the girl sitting at home alone, waiting for the phone call that could change my life. Or I would sit by, furious, and let people walk all over me. I would wait for the perfect job to fall into my lap. This was not through sheer laziness, just a misunderstanding on my part, about my job in the process of my life.

Good things come to those who wait.

I guess to some degree, this quote is true. You can't always expect everything you want straight away. For instance, you may want to buy your own house. You can't expect that you can save for a month and have enough money to buy a house (unless of course you earn megabucks!) The same is true for a job. You can't walk into an entry level position and be there a week, and expect to get promoted in that time (I'm sorry but just because it happened to Ana in Fifty Shades of Grey does not mean it's going to happen to you!)

At the same time, you can't expect to get promoted if you simply turn up for work, do your job with minimal effort and enthusiasm and go home every day. You can't expect to meet people by sitting on your couch and turning down offers of going out because that would require you to not be in your pajamas by 7pm on a Saturday night.

I used to be that girl. If I had to do anything to get it, I generally went without. Again, this was not because of laziness. I was usually scared of failure, or didn't know where to begin in the first place. It tested my will power or put me outside of my comfort zone.

I'm not sure if it's being on my own, feeling sick of getting hurt, knowing that I am the sole provider for my child or just being tired of waiting for things to happen that never do, but this year has been different. I have been putting myself out there, trying to make things happen. I refuse to accept that my past means that I can't do something I want to, and I will not let my shyness and fear of failure get in the way of something I desperately want. I know what I want, and I am going after it. I no longer rely on someone else to create my happiness. I am creating my own, and it feels oh so good!

{image source}
Are you an "action" person, or do you tend to wait for things to happen?
Have you always been that kind of person?

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Battle with Depression

I am going to share my story with you. This is another hard post to write, as it is something that I have tried to put in my past and forget, but I think that I need to accept it and talk about it, and maybe some of you will be able to relate, and not feel so alone.

Hopefully, I won't feel so alone.

I was 17 when I was first diagnosed with depression. I was studying year 12, also a certificate in children's services at Tafe. I was working part time, doing calisthenics, and hopelessly in love with my high school sweetheart. It all got too much when my boyfriend left school half way through year 12 to do a introductory course to get into an apprenticeship. I didn't have friends at school, at that time I didn't get along very well with girls. I had always sat with my boyfriend and his friends at recess and lunch and now I felt alone.

Me at 17
I struggled with my depression until he and I split up on my 18th birthday. Yes I know, what a great way to remember a milestone! We continued seeing each other (physically) until I met someone. Even then, he continued to come to my house and call me. This didn't help with my situation, as I desperately wanted to make things work with him, but he was on drugs and unstable.

I continued with my depression, feeling hopeless, and unworthy until I met my sons father at 20. It was at that time that I was also diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder. Since my initial diagnosis at 17, I had tried dozens of different medications and found that none worked, or they would work for a few months and then stop.

Although Master A's dad was nice, he wasn't my type, and I went into the relationship reluctantly. I went on with my day to day life, getting panic attacks whenever I was expected to meet new people, or be in big groups of people. I started putting on weight and after 9 months together we discovered I was pregnant. It was a shock to say the least, and only a week before my 21st birthday. I felt trapped in the relationship and unhappy.

Putting on a brave face 2 weeks after Master A's birth
My regular followers would know Master A's birth story, and the stress surrounding the last few weeks of my pregnancy, and the first few weeks of his life. I didn't cope very well, and after his dad went back to work I started to crack. He would work all night, and then sleep all day, leaving me with a baby who refused to sleep through the day, constantly screaming because he was tired. It got to a point where I went to my doctor saying "I don't want my child anymore, I want someone to take him". Of course, this was not the actual truth, and I hate that I let myself get to the point of feeling that way.

I was put on anti depressants and sent to see psychologists. I had my partner pressuring me to find something to do at home to earn money, or go back to work. Reluctantly, I went back to work when Master A was 4 months old, way before I felt ready to cope with the world of a working mother.

I plodded through the next few months, feeling not depressed nor healed. I sat there while my life went by around me. A week after Master A's first birthday I decided that I could not do it anymore and told my partner that I wanted to leave. I moved my things into the spare room, and spent the next 2 weeks crying. I was feeling guilty about walking out and giving up on our "family", and I wondered if I was doing the right thing. I had no financial backing, I was depressed and scared and moving back to my parents house.

I felt like I had failed.

After the move was complete I felt a little lost. I felt free, but at the same time like I was lacking direction. Eight months on and I am feeling better. I know what I want and what I need to do to get there. I am a little impatient, but I am now off all medication, and I am the strongest that I have ever been. I still struggle with Master A. I went through a particularly bad time last month, but I am at peace with myself.

Me now

My battle has been a long one, and I do still worry about slipping into old habits. I now know the warning signs, and will get on top of it before it has the chance to develop.

Have you battled with depression of some form?
I would love to hear your story (remember that this is a judgement-free zone. Any rude or negative comments or posts will be removed).

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Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Things I Love Most

After a pretty bad month, and a decision to extend my May challenge (but a lot more relaxed), I thought it would be a good idea to re-connect with the things that I love. I have gone through all of my recent photos (and a few old ones) and picked a bunch of things that I love. Here is a list in pictures of the things in my life that make my day.

My Munchkin's smile. This is an old pic of him, but the smile is gorgeous!

The beach, which I am lucky enough to have at the end of my street.

Blogging, I have only been doing it such a short time, but the benefits already are huge (and so much cheaper than therapy!)

Getting dressed up to go out for the night. This was my first girls night out in six months.

Scrapbooking, though I don't do much of it anymore. It is something I want to start doing again.

image source unknown
Inspirational quotes. This is one of my favorites.

Iced Coffee. I keep saying I'm going to give it up, but keep finding excuses not to. Though I am in the middle of a 3 week challenge, giving it up.

My desk. It is my haven and where I do my favorite things, like blogging and scrapbooking.

Getting handmade crafts from day care. This was my mothers day card this year, and had his foot prints on the inside. Gorgeous!

Instagram. I am becoming quite addicted!

A yummy dinner, such as a big pot of spaghetti, chock full of veggies.

And best of all I love cuddles with the only man in my life, my little Muchkin.

What do you love the most?
What makes you smile on your toughest days?

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

My Three Weeks of Pain

I keep reading all of these inspiring blog posts about gorgeous women getting out there and running. Exercise is so not my friend in winter, when I find it hard enough just to get out from underneath the 3 blankets on my bed and face the cold morning, let alone get into gym gear and go for a run.

image source unknown
My second issue is the running itself. I can never seem to run beyond 50 meters before I start feeling like my chest is going to explode, and my knees want to give way from underneath me. I'm unsure if it's my life-long asthma that's the problem, or if I am just so unfit that I struggle with it. Perhaps it's just that I don't push myself hard enough, and working with a personal trainer will help.

Whatever the reason, I am usually the girl that everyone sees casually strolling down the bike/walking track along the beach, while they all jog past me.

I am not an overweight woman. When looking up my Body Mass Index (BMI), I am at the weightier end of the average range for my age and height. In roughly 3 months I went from a size 6-8 to a size 10-12, where I have stayed. I actually lost weight after having Master A.

This post is not about a weight loss journey for me (however if I could lose a few kilos here or there I certainly won't complain!) For me this is about being healthy. I want the energy to keep up with my son, to keep up with life in general. I am a single mum, who has just started studying and writing a blog. I love to spend time with friends and then of course there is the housework. I do not have the time to feel fatigued.

And then there is of course the simple fact that child sees, child does. I want to teach my Munchkin healthy habits. Running around, playing, eating healthy and doing the things he loves. He will not learn that from me wrapped up in a blanket in front of the computer, iced coffee in hand, or sitting on the floor playing play dough with him, wearing 3 jackets, track pants and ugg boots.

{image source}
It is time for a change. However I am someone that will get overwhelmed with too much change, and change that feels too permanent. Therefore I have decided to set myself a 3 week challenge, changing just a couple of things at a time, so that I don't feel too burdened by it.

This challenge includes:

  • Giving up Iced Coffee. I know, I want to cry and I miss it already (even though I have a glass of it sitting next to me now!) 
  • Take away once a week only. Years ago I participated in a bet that I had to go 2 weeks without take away. I managed to do it. I know that I could do it again this time however my parents do buy take away, and I know I couldn't resist for 3 weeks straight, with it being in the house. So I will limit myself to either a Friday night or Saturday night.
  • Going for a walk daily. This walk will include periods of running. I will take my asthma inhaler just in case its required and work my way up to a 50/50 ratio of walking to running. 
This is all I am going to change for the moment, as I know that if I go on a full health kick, I will start to regret it, my will power will slide and I won't achieve anything. I am hoping that after 3 weeks, I won't feel like iced coffee anymore, and walking and running daily will be a bit more routine.

Have you ever set yourself a health challenge?
What do you need to give up in order to be healthier?

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Happy Days in May Project

At the beginning of May I linked up with Seven Cherubs for the Happy Days in May Project, sharing one thing each day that made me happy. At the moment I am all about the happiness, so here it is!

May 1st
I went shopping this morning with my friend and her little boy - I was childless! So relaxing, even with helping out my lovely girlfriend with her toddler.

May 2nd
I caught up with one of my closest friends, with her toddler and newborn boy. The best thing was watching Master A go down the BIG slide all by himself!

May 3rd
I made the very scary decision of applying for uni next year. I have decided to stay at home with Master A for the rest of this year, and apply to study Tafe externally. I then want to apply for uni online next year.

May 4th
Master A was in daycare today, meaning that I was able to relax a little, and catch up on everything. Also was able to do a little shopping with my mum and found this little gem that I still need to go back and buy.

May 5th
I went out for dinner with my best friend. No matter what she is always able to cheer me and knows exactly what to say when I am doubting myself.

May 6th
I had such a productive day and managed to get 2 new blog posts written today. I know it doesn't sound very exciting, but I do love getting things done!

May 7th
Master A came home yesterday from spending the weekend with his dad, so I was stoked to be able to spend the day with him, playing games and cuddling.

May 8th
Today was a cruisy day, and I was able to spend some time catching up on my favorite blogs.

May 9th
Today I left my dad in charge of Master A while he was having a nap and took a huge walk. It was so relaxing in the fresh air, and gave me a chance to listen to the new music on my iPod.

May 10th
We spent the day with my girlfriend and her little boy today. He and Master A are best friends.

May 11th
I did a bit of retail therapy today, and bought myself 2 new pairs of ankle boots, a new jumper and a new scarf. Rather exciting (well, not so much the grocery shopping with it!)

May 12th
Master A and I went for a play date at a play cafe with friends today. I got cuddles with my girlfriend's newborn boy!

May 13th
We had mothers day lunch with the family today. I loved being able to catch up with my sisters, and Master A loved playing with his cousins.

May 14th
I had an appointment with Child and Youth Health today with regards to Master A's sleep habits. I took him off the bottle 4 days ago and was happy to hear that I was doing all the right things, and it looked like he was going to cope fine with the change.

May 15th
Master A was with his dad today, so I went and had a massage, and bought the book Fifty Shades of Grey. I spent the afternoon in bed reading it!

May 16th
Master A caught the virus that I had over the mothers day weekend, and earlier this week. Today he finally started to perk up, and it was great to see him playing again, and with a smile on his face.

May 17th
I finally caught up on all the washing today, after being sick. It took me 5 loads over 2 days, plus sheets and towels, but we are finally there!

May 18th
After finishing Fifty Shades of Grey in 2 days, today I went out and bought the 2nd and 3rd books in the trilogy. I managed to get started on the 2nd book while Master A was in daycare today.

May 19th
I spent the afternoon with my best friend, laughing and watching the football, after a bit of an emotional blow meeting Master A's dad's new girlfriend.

May 20th
I spent the day at my friends house today, with Master A being dropped off by his dad at her house at dinner time. We had dinner there and Master A had a bath with his little best friend.

May 21st
I had big cuddles with my little Munchkin this morning, watching The Wot Wots, with him all snuggled up in his dressing gown. Very cute!

May 22nd
A trip to the playground today. It was a little cold, but good to get out the house and get some fresh air.

May 23rd
Today Master A and I caught up with my friend and her toddler and newborn boy. I got to have more little baby cuddles!

May 24th
My girlfriend and I took our boys for lunch at Hungry Jacks. Master A had his first chocolate thickshake, and I think that the expression says it all!

May 25th
I had an extremely productive day today (couldn't be because Munchkin was in daycare could it?) I managed to get Master A's favorite Zucchini Slice made today to put in the fridge for lunches.

May 26th
I went on a girls night out for the first time in 6 months! Getting all dressed up was very exciting!

May 27th
I finally came to a decision about what to do about a certain troubling situation today. I have decided to move on and forget about someone in my past. This is one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to made, but completely liberating.

May 28th
Nice sunny weather in the morning meant we were able to get out of the house for a play at the park. It's only a shame the sunshine didn't last, and it turned cold rather quickly.

May 29th
I passed my first online course in MYOB! Time for the 2nd one, and then Tafe!

May 30th
An absolutely beautiful sunny day, and I feel so much more like my old self. After the emotional rollercoaster of May, I totally feel like I'm back!

May 31st
A stressful day, but Big Bang Theory always manages to make me laugh, no matter how bad things are.

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