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The Motivation Journal

Me and My Munchkin: The Motivation Journal

Friday, 12 October 2012

The Motivation Journal

Do you remember the old high school journal?

You know:
"Dear diary,
Today Thomas looked at me. He actually noticed I was there!"

Aahhh, the good old days of simplicity. When your most complicated issue was making sure you had studied for your maths test or that your best friend had stopped talking to you.

Either way, I know that my journal got me through so much of it all. Recently, I started a motivation journal. I guess in a way it's like the good old high school journal, but it's purpose, is to give me a kick in my procrastinating butt and make me take action.

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I struggle with motivation. I'm the first to admit I can be a little lazy at times. I am also easily overwhelmed. This is when I'm least likely to take action. So when I have an issue, or a big project, I sit down with my motivation journal and think it out, I make plans.

This is also where I keep my "vision pages". I don't have space for a vision board, so in its place I cut out pictures of things I want and glued them in to my motivation journal. I feel so young doing some cutting and pasting!

On Me and My Munchkin's Facebook page I used to post one thing I was grateful for on a daily basis. That dwindled away when I got busy or forgot to post, so although I don't do it on Facebook, I still try to get in my journal at least once a week and make a list of things I'm grateful for. My most recent list was things about me that are great. I've been having a few problems with self love the last few weeks, so this was perfect.

The motivation journal is very similar to a regular journal, but I make sure it's much more positive. I found with previous journals they could be very negative, only speaking of problems. I make sure to include things I'm excited about, wishes for the future, and if I have an issue to write about, I always make sure that I write a possible solution to the problem.

So do I have you convinced? Want your own motivation journal? My only advice is to make sure you pick out a pretty notebook to use. I always find it so much easier to write when the journal is pretty!

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Did you keep a journal in high school?
Do you keep one now?

It's Friday so I am flogging my blog over with the lovely Grace at With Some Grace, head over there for even more awesome bloggers!

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At 12 October 2012 at 08:45 , Blogger Sophie Allen said...

My blog is really like my journal, but I just cant write on it everyday.

Though I think a vision board is a great idea.


At 12 October 2012 at 15:53 , Blogger Emily said...

I kept one in high school and it is HILARIOUS! My husband and I are high-school sweethearts and I gave him the diary I was writing when we started dating. He loves it! Most of it...


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