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3 Week Challenge Results

Me and My Munchkin: 3 Week Challenge Results

Friday, 29 June 2012

3 Week Challenge Results

Three weeks ago I set out on a challenge. A 3 week challenge (obviously). All of the details can be found here. I was rather nervous about embarking on the challenge, as I decided to give up iced coffee. See, I am an iced coffee addict. To the point that it wasn't uncommon for me to have a 600ml carton daily, if not every 2 days.

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So giving it up for 3 weeks was a big deal for me... but I did it! It has officially been 3 weeks since I last had iced coffee! I have had 1 or 2 chocolate milks in that that time, however that does not have the same addicting affect over me as iced coffee, so I was able to stop there and not crave it the next day. So on the whole, I would say that part of the challenge was a success.

The second part of the challenge was only having take away once a week. Unfortunately I did cheat a little on this part. But only a little, I swear! There was one week, where I was running late, and stopped and got an extra take away meal. 

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You have no idea how much money I have saved over the last 3 weeks!

The 3rd and final part of the challenge was starting to incorporate running into my daily walks. This part was not possible at all. 4 days into the challenge I got sick with a cold, which in turn triggered my asthma. From there my health spiraled for a couple of weeks, and just as I started to feel well enough to even tackle my daily walks again, the weather turned horrible, meaning I couldn't walk outside.

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I will be starting a new challenge in a few weeks time, and will be adding the daily walks and incorporating the running into the challenge. 

I also lost about 2 and a half kilos in the 3 weeks that I took part in the challenge. Even though I wasn't actually aiming to lose weight, it certainly was nice to get a little further down to my ideal weight. So on the whole, I would say that the challenge was a success, even with my little "failures". I managed to kick a bad and addictive habit (the iced coffee), and I'm on the way to reducing the amount of take out in my life. The walks will come in time. 

Have you successfully given something up in your life?
How do you reward yourself when you achieve something?

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At 29 June 2012 at 09:47 , Blogger Simpe Mummy said...

good work! I would love to do this.. I can't seem to shake my ice coffee and cola addiction so its good to see i'm not the only one who has trouble giving things up. But that is so awesome, well done!!

At 29 June 2012 at 09:57 , Blogger Chrissie Me and My Munchkin said...

The Pepsi Max is something else I need to give up. The iced coffee was hard, but I had it in my head that if I was still really craving at the end of 3 weeks, I could have one. It really helped knowing that it didn't have to be a permanent thing, and I found at the end of the challenge, although I still want iced coffee, it isn't a craving, and my desire to keep losing a few more kilos is stronger. Give it a go, you never know what you're capable of!
Thanks for commenting. Chrissie xx

At 29 June 2012 at 19:59 , Blogger Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye said...

I need to give up a whole lot of things! I have tried to stop drinking Diet Coke and I haven't had any for about a month. Its amazing how much you crave these things, but I am less and less. You're doing very well. Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday Chrissie :-)

At 29 June 2012 at 20:11 , Blogger Chrissie Me and My Munchkin said...

Well done on the diet coke! I'm a Pepsi Max addict. I have no idea how I will ever give it up. I would like to try, and wondering whether cold turkey is the way to go, or to just try to cut down. But then what would I drink? I'm not a huge water fan.
They say it takes 3 weeks for a new habit to sink in. And another week to enforce it. So well done! You have done great! Thanks for commenting.
Chrissie xx

At 1 July 2012 at 10:49 , Blogger Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

Good work! Losing the extra kilos is a bonus! I'm currently off sugar! First week was full of cravings, week two easier, two days into week three! Hoping I can last a month. Lost 1.5kgs! X

At 1 July 2012 at 15:45 , Blogger Chrissie Me and My Munchkin said...

Thanks Elisa! I totally take my hat off to anybody who is able to give up sugar, I don't think I could ever do it! Good luck with it, and congratulations on losing the weight! Thanks for commenting.
Chrissie xx

At 3 July 2012 at 22:38 , Blogger Tubbah @ Organising: My Crazy Life said...

Well done! I'm so proud of you! I tried to give up coke, but that didnt last long :) i did manage to cut my intake down from 1-2 cans a day to once every 2-3 days.. but I started drinking red cordial instead.. I don't know what's worse :D

At 4 July 2012 at 08:57 , Blogger Chrissie Me and My Munchkin said...

Thanks hun! It has actually been the easiest this last week. Don't even really think about it. I have started drinking cordial, though I picked one with about a quarter the sugar content of most others, so I can justify to myself! The Pepsi Max is the next to go! Thanks for commenting.
Chrissie xx


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