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The Best Mummy

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Friday, 20 April 2012

The Best Mummy

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I have been doing a lot of research lately on parenting toddlers. Dealing with tantrums, sleepless nights, fussy eating, and discipline. It’s not all that often that you see me without my nose in a parenting book. And it’s all so that I can be the best parent. I want to know exactly what to do when my son is sick, or whether I should be ignoring his tantrums or disciplining them. I worry that what I’m doing isn’t good enough.

Today I had a bit of an eye-opening experience. After pulling a cup of scalding hot coffee onto his face, Master A was screaming and terrified. We put him straight in a cold shower, pyjamas and all, and I watched with tears in my eyes as my frightened little boy tried to cling to me. As soon as he was out the shower he grabbed me with all his might and sobbed into my shoulder, with me reassuring him that “you’re ok, mummy’s here”. It was then that I realised that I AM doing the right thing. My son loves me more than anything in the world. He relies on me to be there for him, and I am. I will always be there to give him cuddles when he is upset. I will always kiss his boo-boo better. I will always teach him right from wrong, and I will always do what I think is right for him at the time.

I may not be an experienced mother. I am not a wealthy mother, who is able to buy whatever he wants. I lose my temper and I am forgetful. But I am the best mother for my little boy. I am the one he turns to when he is upset. When he is excited, he comes to give me a hug and do a little dance in front of me. I would die for my child, and I would never go back in time and do things any different.

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs any mother or father will have. But I do the best that I can with what I have. I only have myself to offer, but I know that’s enough for my son.

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At 4 May 2012 at 21:16 , Blogger Tubbah @ Organising: My Crazy Life said...

Such a beautiful post, it brought tears to my eyes :) Parenting is definitely a job where u learn as u go. I hope ur lil man is ok xx


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