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Taking Time for Yourself

Me and My Munchkin: Taking Time for Yourself

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Taking Time for Yourself

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Yesterday was the most hectic day! Master A has come home from his father’s house with a cold, and it had been a day of temper tantrums and one naughty toddler getting stuck into absolutely everything he knows that he isn’t allowed to do. I couldn’t help but to breathe a loud sigh of relief once I had shut the door to Master A’s bedroom, leaving him tucked up in bed for the night with his favourite toy and a bottle. The first thought that ran through my mind was “THANK GOD!!” and the second was “Yay! Me time!”

When was the last time that you took ‘Me Time’? And I don’t mean slipping into the toilet without an audience, although I know that comes a close 2nd to making a trip to the supermarket alone feeling like a vacation. I am talking about a whole 10 minutes, or even better, an hour, doing something that you love to do; a hobby, exercising, having a bubble bath or getting a facial. When was the last time you left the kids at home with dad or a babysitter and actually took the time to look after yourself? Can you even remember?

As women we naturally put everyone and everything before our own health (and sanity). I have been guilty of this on many occasions, and it has resulted in a very sick, and run down mummy. If you don’t spend some time looking after yourself, think about the toll that it will take on your physical and mental health, and ask yourself who you will be helping then?

I love putting Master A in the pusher, turning my iPod up as loud as it can go, and going for a nice long walk. Master A loves being outside, and it means fresh air for the both of us and exercise for me! That is something that we do at least once a day. I also con my brain into thinking I’m doing it for son because he so dearly loves these walks and as soon as he sees me grab my iPod and sunglasses he races for his pusher and climbs in.
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Blogging has also become my time for me. I am able to get lost in my thoughts, and just write!  I try to spend time daily on my blog, either writing posts, researching, or reading some of my favourite blogs for inspiration (and also just coz I love reading them!) Blogging has become one of my favourite things to do.

I would love to know what it is that you do for your ‘me time’. And if you don’t take ‘me time’ why not? I will leave you with a well known quote: “A happy mummy means a happy child”. Looking after yourself means that you are much better equipped to look after your kids and everybody else in your life. What are you going to do during your next ‘Me Time’?

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At 4 May 2012 at 14:53 , Blogger Chrissie said...

As posted by Tubbah on my previous website:

I used to go and get a massage on the last Saturday of the month, but haven’t recently because we’ve been too busy. My me time recently has been the “sigh of relief” when I put them to bed, snuggle up on the lounge with a blanket, some comfort food and catch up on my fave TV shows. Most of the time tho, I’m interrupted a hundred times by my 3 and 5 y/o “needing” to go toilet/thirsty/hungry or any other excuse they have just to get out of bed. The joys of being a mummy


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