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Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone

Me and My Munchkin: Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone

Friday, 30 March 2012

Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone

Do you have a bucket list? If so what’s on it? Travel the world, swim with sharks, sky dive, race a formula one car? I’m really not an adventurer. I’m terrified of heights, Have only travelled interstate twice in my life, and I drive around in my family station wagon, so no 4 wheel driving through the bush for me! I like living the simple life. Overseas travel never really appealed to me. I would be more than happy to take a holiday on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I have not felt the need to drive a flashy car, they’re not really practical anyway, when you have kids.

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So I think it’s safe to say, I live a pretty simple and safe life. I don’t really do a whole lot to challenge myself (besides having a child), and If something is not like my usual tasks or activities I generally won’t do it. I don’t really step outside of my comfort zone. This is something that I desperately want to change. I don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity to enjoy myself, find a new interest or meet new people just because I’m happy in my little bubble!

When I resigned from my job 6 weeks ago I did so with the intention of discovering what it was that I wanted to do with my life. I went back to work when Master A was 4 months old. I really wasn’t ready. I wanted to stay at home with my son, teach him, be there for him when he hurt himself. So after a lot of thought I decided on doing a few courses and starting my own business, working from home. I can take on as much or as little as time permits me, and it gives me something to do for myself, so that I’m not just “Mummy”. The idea of starting my own business scares me to death though. It’s going to require hard work, initiative, time, and discipline. I’m going to be outside my comfort zone and it terrifies me. This is something that I know, with a little bit of work, that I can achieve and be quite successful. The idea of putting myself out there though is a bit nerve racking!

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Meeting new people is always a scary task. I've always loved the idea of mums groups but actually going along? Walking into a room full of women when I don’t know any of them? Just the thought makes my heart beat 10 times faster than normal. However 2 weeks ago I packed Master A into the car and drove to a play cafe to join in with this mothers group. And I had so much fun! And I will be going to the next meeting in a few weeks time.

Stepping outside your comfort zone is necessary sometimes. Particularly if you feel you are stuck in a rut. I have made a few small changes to my life and I’m hoping to make more in the coming months and years (but I draw the line on sharks and skydiving!). How often do you put yourself outside of your comfort zone? Is it something you need to do more often?



At 30 March 2012 at 11:39 , Anonymous JessRose said...

i dont too much now, since i have the kids as time is never on my side.... but definitely used to. Have pretty much conquered most adrenalin junkie things, had fast cars, lived a partying lifestyle. Its not something i have ever stuggled with aas i thrive on being out of my comfort zone but i do miss having that little rush i get from it. Maybe i do need to go do something.... but what?

At 30 March 2012 at 13:04 , Anonymous meandmymunchkin said...

Time is always such a hard thing to come by once you've had kids. Maybe a bucket list would be a good idea? Organise a babysitter, if it's something pricey or adventurous maybe organise it as a birthday present to yourself? Or even just doing something out of your ordinary daily routine. Take up a new challenging hobby. Change of career? There are many things that you can look at doing!


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