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Bedroom Transformations - Part 1

Me and My Munchkin: Bedroom Transformations - Part 1

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bedroom Transformations - Part 1

I am a very excited mummy today! After 6 months of sharing a room with my older sister, I am finally getting a bedroom to myself! No more single bed, no more of having nowhere to put my things, or tripping on my sisters things through the night. You see, when I moved back home 6 months ago after the break-up, I had to move into my childhood bedroom, where my sister had moved into, only weeks before me (our poor parents).

I was very lucky and grateful that my beautiful mum gave up her sewing room so that Master A could have his own room.

His room has his bed, chest of drawers, change table, and my chest of drawers with my clothes in it. It is also used for sleeping and changing his nappies. Otherwise it is basically used for storage.
Currently, my bedroom is somewhere I only sleep, and watch TV once Master A is in bed. My room simply has a single bed, with a bedside table at the end of it, A TV cabinet with a TV next the bed, and a built in wardrobe, which I occupy about a quarter of.

I am so excited to get stuck into making these rooms havens for Master A and I. My room will take a lot longer to get organised as I will be bringing some furniture and belongings home from my storage unit (including my desk and scrapbooking things YAY!!)

I will be turning the transformations into a 3 part series. Next I shall reveal Master As bedroom, a haven for a little boy! So stay tuned!

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