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Finding My Happiness

Me and My Munchkin: Finding My Happiness

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Finding My Happiness

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My life has been a little crazy lately. Between follow-up hospital appointments, play dates, studying, and trying to organise the house, I never remember to take the time out to enjoy the things that make me happy. There is a lot of things that make me happy, and they don't even necessarily have to be big things. Simply watching Master A's big smile, or seeing a gorgeous baby makes me happy. I just need to make sure that I take the time to stop and enjoy these things when I see them.

Winter is upon us here in Adelaide, and it is perfect weather for a big hot chocolate, especially with a marshmallow, yum! If I have the time, I love looking through old photos, and this is something that I have been doing recently, as I have been cleaning up my pictures folders on my computer ready for back up to disk. And speaking of cleaning up, there is nothing like enjoying the feeling of a clean house, or in my case, I LOVE an organised house. And while I am sipping on my hot chocolate and looking through old photos, I love a good daydream to go with it.

There are a few things that make me very happy that I can't enjoy as much, now that the cold weather has hit. Walking along the beach and enjoying a beautiful sunset are 2 things that I always made time for. However, only 6 months or so and I should be able to start enjoying these things again.

Taking the time to stop and smell the roses is essential in keeping you "in the moment". Staying in the moment means that you are able to focus on the small joys of life, instead of focusing on what you don't have, or whizzing through life in such a stressed out hurry that you miss everything and before you know it, you're children are grown up or you have grown old and can't remember enjoying your life. If you find yourself on that fast-track road, sit down and make a list of everything that makes you happy, big and small. Start making the time in your day to stop and enjoy these things. These are just a few things on a long list of things that make me happy. What's on your list?

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At 4 May 2012 at 21:59 , Blogger Tubbah @ Organising: My Crazy Life said...

Love ur blog! So much of what u write is just what I need to read, or is what I'm experiencing myself.

1. Forget the world and spend quality uniteruppted time with my children.

2. Catch up with a friend.

3. Watch a good movie with the husband.

4. Play fetch with the dog.

5. Visit mum and dad.

6. Make my babies smile :)

7. Have a soak in the tub.

At 5 May 2012 at 13:44 , Blogger Chrissie said...

Oooh I love your list! I love a good catch up with my friends. Even a phone call can go a long way. Chrissie xx


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