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25 Things To Do On a Rainy Day

Me and My Munchkin: 25 Things To Do On a Rainy Day

Friday, 4 May 2012

25 Things To Do On a Rainy Day

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Winter is upon us! Here in little old Adelaide we have had cold, rainy days which can mean a restless, ratty toddler. I have been compiling a list of things to do with the kids when the rainy days hit and we all become indoor-bound!
  1. Hire some classic kids movies and have a DVD marathon, complete with popcorn and warm blankets. Some of my favourites are Toy Story, The Lion King and The Jungle Book.
  2. Put on some wellies and a rain coat and go puddle jumping. Just make sure you have some towels and dry clothes all ready for when you come inside!
  3. Head to a play cafe. Let the kids loose on the playground and you can sit back and relax with a coffee (or in my case a hot chocolate).
  4. Throw a sheet over the dining table and have an instant fort. Put some pillows and blankets in there to make it extra cosy!
  5. Pull out the car mat and cars and let them 'drive' to their little hearts content.
  6. Get out the playdough and some playdough tools and set it up on the coffee table. If your children are old enough, get them to help you make the playdough to play with.
  7. Create an arts and crafts box. Collect feathers, paper, cardboard, textas, pencils, glitter, confetti, whatever you think that you can use and pull it out on a rainy afternoon.
  8. Pull out all the family photos. Even at 19 months, Master A loves looking at photos. Especially ones of Mummy and him.
  9. Put on some music and have a dance party. Master A would rather watch Channel V or MTV over ABC Kids anytime. He loves to have a boogie to some of his favourite tunes.
  10. Find some old socks and make sock puppets. Raid the arts and crafts box or mummy's sewing supplies to give it a face and some hair.
  11. Play some board games or do puzzles. There are so many cool options out there these days so you're not only having to choose from monopoly or Cluedo anymore!
  12. Have an indoor picnic. Lay out the picnic rug and have some yummy sandwiches and snacks packed ready to go. You could even invite their teddies to come along for some fun!
  13. Depending on your children's age, bake something yummy to eat for dessert.
  14. Make a trip to the library to get some fun books to read.
  15. Pull out some of mummy and daddy's old clothes and play dress-ups.
  16. Try some finger painting. Messy, but a lot of fun!
  17. Blow up some balloons and hit them around the room - make sure they don't hit the ground!
  18. Play hide and seek.
  19. Do some karaoke. The Singstar games would be perfect for this.
  20. Make some musical instruments. Old ice cream containers make the perfect drums. Get an empty tissue box and some rubber bands to make a guitar and fill empty water bottles with rice or buttons for maracas.
  21. Have a fashion parade. Pull out all their new winter wardrobe and have them strut down the catwalk.
  22. Have story time. Make it fun by making your own story and take turns to make up the next part of the story.
  23. Keep a stash of new colouring books ready for rainy days and pull them out for the occasion.
  24. Have a scavenger hunt hiding objects through the house and have the children find them.
  25. If all else fails, pull out a huge box of toys, tip them out and let the kids just go for it!
What do you do with your kids on rainy days?



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