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Complaint-free May Challenge - Week 4

Me and My Munchkin: Complaint-free May Challenge - Week 4

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Complaint-free May Challenge - Week 4

This week has proven to be a little difficult again. As explained in my post When the Going Gets Tough, emotionally I have gone through a really rough time in the last few weeks. I have been trying not to let it get it the way of my challenge, but haven't always succeeded.

Then there was my girls night out last night. I had an absolute ball, however my poor feet copped a brutal bashing, and I was one of those girls seen walking the streets of the city at 1am carrying my heels in my hand. I was exhausted and so ready for bed. Yes I know, 1am is not that late. But seriously I am so not used to dancing in high heels for that amount of time. I let out more than a few complaints of sore feet that night.

But I learned from it: next time pick different shoes.

I am about to head in to my last week of the challenge. And although I have curbed my complaining, I have not successfully eliminated it, and will be trying extra hard for these last few days.

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